Gel insole Pesso Gel Comfort


Insole  Pesso Gel Comfort  S/L 36-40/41-47

Gel insole provides superior cushioning and shock absorption to relieve stress and provide long-lasting comfort. The absorbent qualities of the gel, combined with arc support and a honeycomb design at critical stress points, distribute pressure evenly over the foot.  This active protection reduces shock impact to the feet and joints and will assist those spending long hours on their feet, those suffering foot pain, or anyone wanting to considerably increase the comfort of their feet.

Cut to your exact size (36-40, 41-46)



Qualities & Benefits

Cut to your exact size (36-40, 41-46)

Anatomical Cushion System
Dual density gel padding absorbs impact and shock where the feet need it most.

Thermoplastic Rubber TPR
Combines superior cushioning and energy return for ultimate performance.

Multi-direction Massage
And extra stability for your feet.

Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria & reduces friction

Helps keep the insole in place

Arch Support
Provides increased comfort & support.

Antimicrobial Material
Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria & reduces friction.

Slip Resistant Design
Helps keep the insole in place.

Heel Cup
Provides extra cushion & comfort