Merino wool balaclaca Pesso

Art. PSM

The PESSO Merino Balaclava is advanced moisture transporting wool underwear and is soft, breathable and warm. The inside layer transports moisture away from the body and the outside layer keeps You warm in cold weather.

Qualities & Benefits

The garment never feels itchy against the skin, because is made from very small micron diameter fibre and allows you optimal comfort for all outdoor activities.

No–Wind zones.

Comfortable design.

Moisture control.

Thermal comfort.

Material:  80% functional polyester ,  20% merino wool
Size: universal
Color: black

All physical effort is accompanied by increased sweating. This is why the main objective of thermo-active underwear should be quick liquid disposal, which in turn provides optimal body temperature.

Thermo-active underwear should fit the body, enable unconstrained movements, and effectively dispose of sweat to the next layer. If the underwear is loose, the moistness is not quickly taken outside and stays on the skin.

Wool products naturally include antimicrobial properties, keeping your garment odour-free.